Our Staff:

In JOMAR MARBLE & GRANITE CORP. the human resources are the essential factor in the high quality of our product. We have professional specialists in the principal areas of our work which are: cutting, reinforcing, pulling and finishing.

The Technology:

The equipment we use in JOMAR MARBLE & GRANITE CORP. is the base to fulfill the activities of the process of production; the rest lies on the hands of our staff.

The Production:

During the process of production we fulfill the following:

  • Cutting: The first steps of our procedure of production; this is when we get the slab of marble and granite to our warehouse, and we start measurements to cut.
  • Reinforcement: In order to make our material more secure, durable and having better quality. The slabs of marble and granite we produced are reinforced with iron. We are the only company that does this process, making the highest quality of our product a main concern.
  • Pulling: By using sandpaper we continue to perfect the marble and granite.
  • Retouching: In this process we control the quality of our product, concentrating on any little details to leave a great finishing touch.
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JOMAR MARBLE & GRANITE CORP. always has put a lot of emphasis in the control of quality in our product. We accomplish this by applying the use of modern technology and the enthusiastic effort from our staff, who are specialists in their area.